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Coloured Tarmac Quotations
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Coloured Tarmacadam is an excellent choice for driveways

Coloured tarmacadam – The surface or wearing course for tarmacadam driveways and patio areas is available in a wide range of colours with the most common being red or green.

Whilst green tends to be reserved for tennis courts it is not uncommon for domestic driveways to be finished in red tarmacadam with a contrasting block paved border.

Coloured Tarmac - Red tarmac driveway
Red Tarmacadam Driveway

Coloured tarmacadam – Tarmac™ Mastertint™

Another widely popular product for coloured tarmac is Mastertint™, which is the coloured asphalt range from Tarmac™ and provides an effective alternative to resin bound surfaces.

Rather than being a coating or a separate layer that will peel or flake off, Mastertint™ coloured tarmac replaces the surface or wearing course of a tarmacadam driveway with a blend of coloured aggregate and pigments in a clear synthetic binder. Domestically, coloured tarmac can be used for driveways, patio areas, courtyards and footpaths whilst coloured tarmac is extensively used commercially for leisure areas, pathways and bus lanes.

The colour of coloured tarmac is determined by the type of stone used, often with an additional pigment and though the binder film surface will weather during its first year, the stone aggregate will retain the colour it has had for millennia.

Mastertint™ colours include both natural and buff gravel or quartzite, light buff limestone and a pigmented colour range including blue, green, red, white, grey, terracotta and orange.

Mastertint™ coloured tarmac offers a durable, hard wearing yet smooth surface and is available in a wide range of colours which don’t fade. The aggregate on the surface offers excellent skid resistance which is ideal not only for a domestic driveway, but also enhances road safety when used in a commercial application.

Coloured tarmacadam is also available as permeable tarmacadam when used with the correct sub-base materials or can be applied to existing driveways and patios.

Classic Red Coloured Tarmac
Classic Red
Classic Green Coloured Tarmac
Classic Green
Terracotta Coloured Tarmac
Buff Quartzite Coloured Tarmac
Buff Quartzite
Classic Blue Coloured Tarmac
Classic Blue
Buff Gravel Coloured Tarmac
Buff Gravel
White Tarmac
Leaf Green Coloured Tarmac
Leaf Green
Light Buff Limestone Coloured Tarmac
Light Buff Limestone
Light Grey Coloured Tarmac
Light Grey
Mid-Grey Coloured Tarmac
Natural Gravel Coloured Tarmac
Natural Gravel
Natural Quartzite Coloured Tarmac
Natural Quartzite
Orange Coloured Tarmac

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