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Orangery Style Conservatories.
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Orangery Style Conservatories are a new design of conservatory which has recently entered the conservatory market.

A design which maintains the ease of construction of a standard uPVC conservatory but which attempts to replicate some of the traditional features of an Orangery.

Orangery Style Conservatories are based on the Edwardian conservatory design and two particular products which fall into this category are the Capella® Orangery by K2™ and Synseal’s™ Global Summer®.

Both of these products are designed to enhance the appearance of a standard Edwardian style conservatory without adding much in the way of complexity of build or overall cost.  Orangery Style Conservatories have a deep aluminium gutter and fascia cladding system which conceals the ends of the glazing bars and an internal Orangery style soffit or pelmet.

Orangery Style Conservatories provide the appearance of a traditionally built Orangery without the need for expensive parapet walls, flat roof sections and complex lantern roof structures.

Decorative corner post and window mullion covers are also available which add to the Orangery style of this type of conservatory.

The addition of an internal soffit or pelmet gives a more authentic Orangery look whilst providing an opportunity to incorporate down lighters or speakers with hidden wiring into the shelf-like structure.

Two internal height options are available and in some cases a retro-fit option is also available.

Orangery Style Conservatories - Capella Orangery by K2
Orangery Style Conservatories - Synseal Global Summer Orangery Style Conservatory
Orangery Style Conservatory

Orangery Style Conservatories - Cross sections of two styles of the 'Eaves, Gutter and Pelmet'

Orangery Style Conservatories - Cross section of eaves, gutter and pelmet – low line
Cross section of eaves, gutter and pelmet – low line
Oranger Style Conservatories - Cross section of eaves, gutter and pelmet – raised line
Cross section of eaves, gutter and pelmet – raised line

Orangery Style Conservatories – Design and Quotation Service

A surveyor can help you to decide not only on the style of conservatory which is right for you and your home.

They can also help with the types of window and door to be incorporated, the levels of ventilation and insulation required and the type of conservatory glazing. You will be advised about Building Regulations and planning permission and of course, pricing.

Most of the installation companies we deal with even produce scale CAD drawings and a superimposed image of Orangery Style Conservatories onto a photograph of your home.

Surveyors will advise on the use of casement, tilt and turn or sliding sash windows combined with a single door or double doors, sliding patio doors or bi-fold doors.

Additional ventilation can be provided by either manually or electrically operated roof vents or proprietary ventilation systems which some manufacturers have designed into their roofs in the ridge and in the eaves beam.

Conservatory designers also take into account the aspect of Orangery Style Conservatories, as a north facing conservatory will probably need more insulation whereas a south facing conservatory will probably need more ventilation.

Additional protection from the conservatory overheating can be designed in, by recommending heat reflective polycarbonate or anti-sun glass in the roof.

The intention is to ensure that all conservatories and orangeries are designed to be usable throughout the whole of the year.

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Orangery Style Conservatories - Finishing Touches

When considering a quote for  Orangery Style Conservatories, don’t forget the finishing touches such as electric sockets, lighting, furniture and conservatory blinds.

You may even wish to install paving around the conservatory, such as pattern imprinted concreteblock paving or a resin and aggregate surface.