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PVCu Residential Doors

PVCu Residential Doors - Blue Composite Doors and Side Panel
PVCu Residential Doors - Light Oak Composite Doors and Side Panel
PVCu Residential Doors - Red Composite Doors and Window

PVCu Residential Doors – a door to suit every home

By PVCu residential doors, we are referring to the standard front or rear access doors to your home.

Whilst most householders would install a fairly plain but functional rear access door, a stylish PVCu or composite door, is the perfect way to make an entrance and a warm welcome at the front of your home. Well specified and properly installed double glazed PVCu residential doors can offer style with security.

In most situations PVCu residential doors to the rear of your home will lead into the kitchen and will generally be half glazed with a solid panel in the bottom half and clear or obscure glass in the top half to provide maximum light into a working kitchen.

Where existing windows don’t offer sufficient ventilation in a kitchen, PVCu residential doors designed as stable doors should be considered. There are several ways of manufacturing these and it is an ideal way of creating extra ventilation whilst leaving the door closed to keep children indoors and pets outside for example.

PVCu residential doors as front doors however, often with a combination of side panels and / or fanlights are generally more ornate to create a feature entrance. They are often specified with less glass than a rear door in order to provide more privacy from the public highway but this shouldn’t be at the expense of a darkened hallway.

PVCu Residential Doors - White PVCu Door Panels
PVCu Residential Doors - White PVCu Door Panels

Typical double glazed PVCu residential doors designed as a front entrance door normally have a reinforced PVCu outer frame fixed to the brickwork of the house with a hinged door sash.

The door leaf will then be fitted with a decorative PVCu panel which, though can be solid, could have up to six double glazed, shaped panels set within it.

Front PVCu residential doors can be fitted with clear glass but they would generally have obscure glass panels for privacy or for a more decorative appearance, leaded designs, Georgian or Astragal bar, coloured lead or bevelled glass designs could be installed.

Additional design features include acid etched or sandblasted glass in a variety of designs. Some companies even offer bespoke decorative glass patterns and the author remembers from twenty years or so ago, a large and extremely elaborate coloured glass design of a peacock in a front entrance door for – yes, you guessed, a Mr Peacock.

A wide choice of door furnishings for PVCu residential doors complete the picture with a choice of handles, letter plates, door knockers, spy holes and thresholds in white, black, gold, brass and both polished and brushed chrome.

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