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PVCu Sliding Sash Windows
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PVCu Sliding Sash Windows

PVCu sliding sash windows which replicate the traditional vertical sliding wooden windows often seen in Victorian style properties are probably the most expensive of all PVCu windows.

They are also expensive to install, as any existing box sashes (containing the weights and cords which operated the original wooden sliding windows) normally have to be removed and the internal reveals made good.

PVCu sliding sash windows with a tilt facility

PVCu sliding sash windows can also be manufactured to incorporate a tilt facility.

Either one or both of the sliding sashes will be able to tilt to allow cleaning of the outside of the windows from inside.

The tilt and slide action also provides an excellent fire escape.

PVCu sliding sash windows with fire escape
PVCu vertical sliding sash with fire escape

PVCu sliding sash windows in listed buildings and conservation areas

PVCu sliding sash windows are only normally appropriate when replacing existing wooden sash windows, in order to maintain a similar appearance to the originals.

In some situations, such as listed buildings and in conservation areas, rules will not permit the use of PVCu and only timber windows can be installed. This has resulted in a market for the repair of old wooden sash windows where new sections of timber are spliced in to replace rotten parts and the replacement of worn out cords and weights.

However, modern PVCu sliding sash windows replicate early Victorian wooden versions so well that on occasion they are permitted to be installed in older properties.

PVCu Sliding Sash Windows in Listed Buildings
PVCu sliding sash windows frame colours
PVCu sliding sash windows in Orangeries

Traditional orangeries are manufactured with hardwood frames and if fitted with timber sliding sash windows are generally of excellent quality, however with quality comes a hefty price.

PVCu orangeries becoming increasingly popular and where they are fitted with PVCu sliding sash windows they attempt replicate windows from the Victorian era.

PVCu orangeries are generally less expensive than hardwood orangeries but they can still be fitted with sliding sash windows.

White orangery with PVCu sliding sash windows

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